Visualize your Goals

What better way to stay on track than to watch yourself progress in a fun and decorative way…


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Not only will this get your creative juices flowing as you design your own motivation board but you can get the whole family involved. You will be forced to be honest with yourself and consequently work harder as well as build a support system as they follow you on your journey.

Before my husband and I got married he made me a paper chain countdown (the ones you make in elementary school) for V-day to count down the days until our wedding day. Awww, right? Well, we also developed a workout plan for the week that we would follow until our wedding day as well. I used the paper rings to help me stay on track and I also printed pictures of fit females and quotes to hang in my room to help me when I didn’t want to work out, or something else just as silly. 

Lo and behold I lost weight by the time our wedding rolled around and my husband actually toned up quite nicely. 


Aren’t we cute???

When Josh and I met I was 15 pounds heavier than I was in high school (dang freshman 15!) but after I got my act together I became healthier and skinnier than I was in high school and just in time for the wedding. Pretty awesome. This form of motivation doesn’t work for all people but it sure works for me and I hope works for you. It is fun, creative and very dynamic. 

It is much easier to visualize your success instead of just dream about it. 

Do you already have some sort of a motivational board in your home/office?

Keep up the good work!

Sammy J. 


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